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RAXA_HB -3230


This EA uses special and unique strategy and will never blow your account because this EA is designed to opens sell orders when market trend is down 👇 and does not open big lot size. You can use this EA on 4 major pairs. You can also use this EA on gold stocks and Bitcoin . This EA works on M1 timeframe and has the lowest drawdown and can run for years. We have also built in account money protection. if you lose even 1k USD EA will recover the loss in few days and can double your account in less than 4 months. Auto lot increase option can double your investment. Minimum deposit should be $5000
This EA uses the special Breakout strategy. It opens it's first lot via strong signal then starts multiplying the lots And will not blow your account. You can use this EA on 3 major pairs (EURUSD AUDUSD USDJPY. You can also use this EA on gold bitcoin and nasdaq with set files. This EA also works on M1 timeframe and has the lowest drawdown and sometimes this EA can run for 2 years and can double your account in less than two months. Auto lot increase option is also added to the EA. Minimum deposit should be $2000

The EA's Functionalities

There are so many EAs in the market but most of EAs blow accounts. The reason is they all open sell orders when the market trend is up that's why more than 95% of the Investors lose their money But this EA does the oppsite because we have developed this EA to put buy orders if the market goes up and sell if down.
We tested these bots on demo accounts and they all worked great for a long period of time and soon we'll be running these bots on our real account. You can also test these bots on you demo accounts. You can send us your demo account and we will run the EA as long as you want. Unfortunately we do not offer trial versions because of some security reasons. You can see the results on your demo. And if it satisfies you and fulfill your needs than you can buy from us.
I know its so hard for people to sit on front of computer all day for manual trading and end up blowing their accounts in the end. So many indicators and bots have been failed in this market and most of the people always looking for safe bot that uses stoploss strategy and and give them safe and stable profit every month. That's why we have built a low risk and highly profitable EAs with strong money protection system. If you really want to make some money then you're at the right place. Our EAs not only built-in account balance protection system but also provide you a good stable profit every month. Sometimes the market become volatile and we don't know what to do to avoid drawdown. So we will provide you with instructions and you can stop the EA for few days until it goes back to normal. This way your account will be saved.
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